Birthday @ deathday

January 19, 2015

I woke this morning and was shocked to realise if it had not been in my diary, I would not have realised to date is the 19th of January, Mikes birthday.  I can excuse that we are busy in London and didn’t realise the date but it made me ponder, do I think more about his death date than his birth date. That leads me into the topic of live, celebrate life, cease the day, honour the past but engage with today, don’t be paralysed or limited by yesterday, today is alive, it holds opportunities, it has hidden treasures to discover.
And so I say Happy Birthday Mike, I want to honour your life today and you know your dad, it will be colourful! Thanks for making mum, dad and your sisters proud

The jumbled world of relationships

December 27, 2014

We have so many relationships in life, more than we realize.  Are you like me and sometimes hear yourself thinking “Oh I must get with that person” or “We should have those people over for a meal”.  Nothing wrong with that, its normal and right. For many of us, the image on the right represents our behavior when it comes to relationships. A few years ago I realized that my personality type gets energy from social interactions. I enjoy being with people. But I also found at times the feeling of “being a butterfly”. With a large group of people, we can flutter from one person to the next and not have any depth.  When my world was turned up side down and inside out, I saw very quickly relationships in a new way, through the model of concentric circles. It put value, order and purpose to those relationships. It also brings realism to just how many meaningful relationships we can have.  I recommend going through the process of identifying who in our lives is in which circle. Also, think through where your friends and family would place themselves in your circles!


A gate and then a road

December 2, 2014
Gate and then a road

Gate and then a road

Read this today and it so resonated with me.

Salvation is not a product, but a relationship. It is not finished when one trusts Christ; it has only begun (a gate and then a road, cf. Matthew 7)!  It is not a fire insurance policy, nor a ticket to heaven, but a life of growing Christlikeness.  We have a proverbial saying that says the longer a couple lives together, the more they begin to look alike.  This is the goal of salvation!

We hear the question “When someone is saved, are they always saved?” I wonder whether the motivation for the question is due to self.

Changed worldview, a changed heart, a changed lifestyle and a changed hope

November 16, 2014

Read this in my studies this morning and liked it!

The evidence of this salvation is a changed worldview, a changed heart, a changed lifestyle and a changed hope! It cannot be based on a past emotional decision that has no lifestyle evidence (i.e., fruit, cf. Matt. 7:15-23; 13:20-22; John 15). Assurance, like salvation, like the Christian life starts with a response to God’s mercy and continues that response throughout life. It is a changed and changing life of faith!

Held Hostage, released, only to return!

October 29, 2014

We read in the news about those being held hostages; school girls in Nigeria, individuals by ISIS, crews by pirates……Then we hope to read at a later date how they have been saved or released. Well it struck me recently how we are born as hostages of Sin. We are held captive by sin reigning in our bodies. Out bodies are a battle ground for temptation to all the world has to offer. Through the mercy mission of Jesus coming to earth and dieing on the cross, He was able to pay a price and see us released into freedom. How exhilarating it must be for a hostage to be freed. The great hymn writer penned the words, “my chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose went forth and followed thee”. He understood this truth.

Have you ever heard of a freed hostage voluntarily returning to become a hostage again? So why do those of us who have been freed from the power of Sin in our lives, allow our bodies, or parts of our bodies to be weapons for sin, and allow sin to reign and be master over us again! How dumb is that. (Romans 5 & 6)

Unfortunately, death (Sin) is dressed up in a way that looks like life and fun to me. All I know is I want to stay free from the things that look so good but the capture me and enslave me which lead to death. The secret……..well for me…..walking with Jesus daily and that is in brokenness most of the time!

Where do you stand?

October 15, 2014

As I have been cycling to work the last couple of days, a song keeps playing over in my mind and the words “Only by grace can we enter, only by grace can we stand, not by human en devour but by the blood of the lamb”. I am studying the book of Romans at the moment and its one of the most brilliant literary pieces of writing ever written!

Romans 5 says “we stand in grace”. We are powerless against sin! Do you like me think at times I will put effort into an area of your life that you want to change? If I am powerless why do I try! Versse 6 says “whilst we were helpless, Christ died for us”, HELPLESS. Its Christ death and blood that reconcile us to God. It’s His Holy Spirit that empowers us to live a righteous life. My flesh is powerless, His Spirit in me gives power to be able to live as He wants me to. How good is that truth today!

So today, I stand in His grace. My position of being right with God is not based on anything I have or will do, but simply on His grace, love and mercy. Join me!

The Faithfulness of God and the Unfaithfulness of Man

September 28, 2014

God is true, man is a liar! (Romans 3) Are you like me and get depressed at your human failings? I see my heart is not in sync with my mouth. It’s easy for me to pontificate about my relationship with God but then my behaviour is at odds with that. I confront myself and look again at my values. Do I really value my relationship with God? If I do, then why do I allow other priorities to push that relationship lower on the “to do” list?

Thank God for His grace, love and mercy. Thank God that He knows the character of us humans and has un-comprehensible capacity to love us as He finds us. Thank you Jesus for restoring what was broken. Thank you Father that you never give up on us. Thank you that one day, we who believe and persevere walking, stumbling, running and lets be honest, at times crawling with you, are one day going to be with you in full.

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