Our support team

We in OM are all relying on God to meet all our needs through His people – OM staff raise their own financial support. You can help support the ministry of OM Ships through its staff. If you are involved in our lives, have a vision for missions and passion for this world, we want to challenge you to pray and think about joining our support team. Even a small (monthly) gift is a major encouragement and help to us.

 unkg0001.gif  You can make a contribution online  –  click here If you prefer to send a gift by mail, please make your check payable to Operation Mobilisation and include a a note that the contribution is for Mark & Kathy Knight. You can send this in an envelope to OM, The Quinta Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, SY10 7LT, England

  unst0001.gif  You can make a contribution online (which is tax deductible for those in the USA). This payment system is secured and requires a minimum gift of $25. To use this method:
1. Go to https://usa.om.org/GiveOnline/  
2. Select the first option (Give to support OM’s ministry through a person) and click Next
3. Fill out the form as follows:
Full Name: Mark Knight
Where they work: OM Ships International
Gift Amount: ________
Messages: __________
Click Next, then fill out your contact and credit card information.


 You can give via www.om.org.au or send to 5 5 COURT ST


 We appreciate your generosity and your interest in our ministry. If you have questionsplease contact us at mark.knight@gbaships.org

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