The jumbled world of relationships

December 27, 2014

We have so many relationships in life, more than we realize.  Are you like me and sometimes hear yourself thinking “Oh I must get with that person” or “We should have those people over for a meal”.  Nothing wrong with that, its normal and right. For many of us, the image on the right represents our behavior when it comes to relationships. A few years ago I realized that my personality type gets energy from social interactions. I enjoy being with people. But I also found at times the feeling of “being a butterfly”. With a large group of people, we can flutter from one person to the next and not have any depth.  When my world was turned up side down and inside out, I saw very quickly relationships in a new way, through the model of concentric circles. It put value, order and purpose to those relationships. It also brings realism to just how many meaningful relationships we can have.  I recommend going through the process of identifying who in our lives is in which circle. Also, think through where your friends and family would place themselves in your circles!


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