Death seperates….

Today we pause, reflect and chat about this day seven years ago. My blogging is few and far between. Every year we find ourselves drawn to those who have tragically lost loved ones. A strong belief I have is “death seperates man from man but not man from God”. For those of us who walk with Jesus and try to be obedient to His teaching we have a hope that gives a different perspective. The house is full with Laura’s boyfriend and his parents. Mike spent several years with them for a week in August.  So we celebrate and sit round the fire telling stories. See you soon mike!

One Response to Death seperates….

  1. Mike Stachura says:

    Thanks, Mark. While time does NOT heal, time does allow us perspective. 7 years is a long time in earth years, but in light of eternity, it’s a blink, a twinkle, a blip…

    Your heart has grown more tender, more compassionate each year, my friend. And you share it openly– I think Mike wd like that very much.

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