The Faithfulness of God and the Unfaithfulness of Man

God is true, man is a liar! (Romans 3) Are you like me and get depressed at your human failings? I see my heart is not in sync with my mouth. It’s easy for me to pontificate about my relationship with God but then my behaviour is at odds with that. I confront myself and look again at my values. Do I really value my relationship with God? If I do, then why do I allow other priorities to push that relationship lower on the “to do” list?

Thank God for His grace, love and mercy. Thank God that He knows the character of us humans and has un-comprehensible capacity to love us as He finds us. Thank you Jesus for restoring what was broken. Thank you Father that you never give up on us. Thank you that one day, we who believe and persevere walking, stumbling, running and lets be honest, at times crawling with you, are one day going to be with you in full.


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