Where is my focus?

Kathy and I are on Logos Hope for a couple of months, along with 400 other people living in community. Having been here now two weeks I see the dangers of community living once again! After living with me for 28 years, Kathy knows the good, bad and ugly of Mark Knight. She can choose to focus on the good in me or the bad. Both are present.

We like to tell each other of all the bad that is happening and what is not happening within community. I see so much good here. After being involved in the people business for almost 4 decades I have seen it all. Nothing shocks me, just saddens me.

So what do we focus on in each other? You will find what you focus. Can I suggest we live a far happier life is we focus on the good and deal with the other stuff as needed. We need to be realistic that we will fail each other, we will fall below the ideal expectation we place on each other.

Choose to have a good day until there is a good reason to have a bad one!!!!

Logos Hope

Logos Hope


One Response to Where is my focus?

  1. Tim Wright says:

    Well said, miss you guys!

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