When the music fades and all go home.

May 3, 2014

As I sit in my chair this morning, my mind is active and remembering the days soon after Mike’s funeral. Roy died a few days ago after battling with cancer, leaving his wife Mel. I could not get to the funeral on Wednesday but understand there were around 500.

When the music fades, the flowers die, people return to their homes and you are left with a quiet empty house with your thoughts and pain. I feel for Mel today and I am happy that her son and daughter live close by. They will be able to talk about dad & husband to each other and help process the huge loss.

Through conversations this week with others and recent events we have been involved, I cannot stress enough the importance to work hard on good relationships. Life in reality is a fleeting moment.  Consumerism advocates that we build material wealth and enhance our life with all kinds of temporary things. In truth, none of these things bring the depth of reward as strong relationships where love and mutual commitment is central. And yes that will lead to pain at some point as the relationship comes to an end, but we are richer for it.

If there was one thought I could offer to those around Mel, don’t feel awkward about talking to her about Roy. It’s a joy to talk about our loved ones and we live with both pain and happiness.


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