Where is Jesus?

These past couple of weeks I have to be honest and say that God has confused me!

I’m not sure of your view of prophetic words from God via His children today. Personally I believe He does still speak today RedCarpet-page-001through His children but due to sin of man, there is possibility of distortion in the message. How can we be confident in what we read in the Bible we have understood what the author intended when He/he wrote it?

18 months ago some very good friends who are in church leadership had a prophetic word for Kathy and I that God was going to use us in the UK in the Christian film business! I have to be honest and say I thought that was one of the most stupid prophecies I had heard and that the person had got it wrong. We are not in any way associated with the film business. Yes we know some people in it; Stephen Baldwin & Norman Stone (check out this great interview).

6 months ago I had two unexpected and independent phone calls. Ray Horowitz, the director of Vida Entertainment and Stephen Baldwin, looking to partner with Kathy and I in building on our Mysterious? event in 2012.

Wow, is God leading us yet again into a wild adventure? We have been working with Vue Cinema to bring a Red Carpet Event to Carlisle with the movie “Loving the Bad Man” that Stephen features in. Everything was moving forward with pace and then the Vue for no good reason said the venue was not available. This did not make sense from many angles. So we prayed and had others praying. When we phoned on the Monday we were told that the person we had been dealing with was no longer in the company! Ok so back to negotiation table. Yes we could have the venue but would have to change from the Wednesday to the Tuesday. We were moving along again. Waiting for a call as to whether we would be charged a charitable rate or free. No call. When we finally got through, we were told that we were no longer being offered the venue!

We believe we have heard from God that this is His doing, He wants us to host this event here in Carlisle. If we believe this, then what is going on! It’s good to push on doors to open them but I am not convinced at barging them down. On a human level, we should be flat out right now with the publicity of the event, its 6 weeks away!

What is spiritual warfare and what is human? We know that God has the bigger picture and at times it is only when we look back that we have some measure of understanding. On a human level today, our Red Carpet Event is off, on a spiritual level……watch this space!


One Response to Where is Jesus?

  1. Thank you Mark for sharing. Tonight, we’ll talk about intercessory prayer at a house meeting, and I will address this situation so we can practice.

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