Narrow or Broad?

For those of us a little older, we see that our society has changed in so many ways since we were younger. That change can be expressed in several ways; conservative to liberal,  narrow to broad, intolerance to tolerance, not permissible to permissible, one way to many ways.

The Christian message, or let me put it another way, the teaching of Jesus, has not changed. How it has been presented, the packaging around it has, but not the core message. In this day and age, it does not fit. It is too narrow, it is intolerant, to some it is arrogance.

Jesus said in Mark

15Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”

That is a “never, no never” statement. No room for manoeuvre. Jesus was basically saying, “unless you believe that I am the way, the truth and the life, no one came come to the Father but via me”.

Well that’s not a popular approach in society today that wants to embrace room for individualistic expression and belief. Then we open up a whole other topic of what is truth, absolute truth.

I have experienced the mercy, grace and love of the Father through Jesus, That’s my story. I cannot deny that or change the reality of that. Whether that is narrow or broad, is irrelevant, its my story and because of the awesome results I want to tell others that they too can experience and know God in this way.

I seem to remember another part of the scriptures that says “the way is narrow………..”


One Response to Narrow or Broad?

  1. Well said. It immediately brought to memory what Francis Schaeffer wrote in I think ‘the God who is there’ about the line of despair., which is a clear vision of a complex culture.
    I was encouraged though when you witnessed about mercy, grace and love from your Father.
    That evidence is undeniable.

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