What a ride!

Laura is over in the USA with her boyfriend and his entire family at Disneyland. I see on her FB that they went on a crazy Runaway Train. Some times you get on those rides and wonder “what am I doing? Why am I putting myself in this position” and then at the end go “that was awesome”!

Today, I am in London meeting with Ray from the UK Christian Film Festival to work on more details of our “Red Carpet” evening with Stephen Baldwin here in Carlisle, May 14th at the Vue cinema.  I know at the end I will say “what a ride, that was awesome” but right now its more like “what are we doing, why are we doing this again”!

But here is the point and I know this can sound very arrogant; we believe that Father God through His Holy Spirit has opened our spiritual eyes and ears to see what He is doing and this event, like Mysterious? in 2012 it is His doing not ours! We are simply running behind Him and trying to understand what He already has planned. Wow, that sounds so bold on the one hand but I have to confess, so much of our spiritual journey is so hard to understand on the human level.

I have discovered in these past 4 1/2 years, the practice of listening to God, not just telling Him in prayer and asking Him to bless my plans!


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