Do I live the life that is safe or an adventure of faith?

Here we go again! Why not live a quiet life and not put ourselves out on a limb?

We aLoving the bad manre moving forward to partner with the UK Christian Film festival to bring Stephen Baldwin back to the UK and hire two cinema’s, one in London the other in Carlisle May 13-16 2014. The concept is to have a “Red Carpet EI'm in love with a Church girlvening” where we show either “Loving the bad man” or “I’m in love with a Church girl”. Stephen would then tell his story and have a Q&A time with the audience.

Stephen was very well received here in 2012 when we created the event Mysterious and we are sure Carlisle will welcome him again. So watch this space and pray for us as we launch out again on the adventure.

We are grateful for “Hope Carlisle” that has already brought like minded people together and have arranged a number of key events for our city this year. Over the May bank holiday, the Churches will be in several communities, having fun, cleaning the streets up, providing community barbecues etc. The “Red Carpet” event will give an opportunity to invite these communities to the cinema the following week.


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