A picture paints a 1000 words

Father and Son

Father and Son

I have passed out my Father & Son leaflet all over the world these past 4 years. On my last trip, Todd, Ebbo, Vera and I could not resist flying to Brunei for the day. It was only a 30 minute flight from where we were staying.  We enjoyed visiting this small country with its 435,000 population. I don’t know how many live in the “Water Community”, (houses on concrete stilts in the river) but Kiea and his father do. They took us on a 1 hour trip around the community.During the trip I could see that 5 year old Kiea and his dad had a lovely relationship. I could imagine that Kiea was proud of his dad and one day he too wanted to run a boat which is mainly used for the community to bring goods to their houses. His father used sign language to tell me Kiea was his only son and was 5 years old. I gave him my leaflet to show Mike, my only son. I then took this awesome picture. For me it summarises so much that resides deep in my heart relating to both our earthly father and our heavenly father. I will pray for Kiea often over the next years that he too, discovers that Father God loves him and sent Jesus to die for his sins so that he too can be reconciled to the Father.



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