“Instead off”

What we deserve and what we get. Its so amazing to see grace in action. We rarely see it if we are honest on a human level. We see retaliation and a quest for vengeance. We see justice. My own heart thinks of justice, especially when there is no remorse. Our newspapers recently have covered several stories where there is absolute evil actions by individuals and zero remorse or shame in what they have done. I see in the scriptures both a God of judgement and a God of grace. To those who say sorry, there is grace, to those who turn their nose up, judgement. For those of us that say sorry, the word “instead” is a beautiful word. I experience it daily on a spiritual level but I also say during my mourning for Mike, instead of….

1. a garland instead of ashes

2. oil of gladness instead of mourning

3. the mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting


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