Old but still current principle

The easy bit with the chain saw

For some reason, a potentially large tree was planted in a very small place in the front garden. It must be 50-60 years old and was right next to the main drain out of the property. I am sure it was a great idea at the time and looked nice. It provided plenty of privacy for us from passing public whether on foot or in the car.

What a job getting out the tree stump and if it hadn’t been my mate Phil coming and helping I would still be out there.

“Its the roots that are the problem”. We were discussing the incredible damage the unseen and hidden activities in our life can be and the damage they do to “systems” we need to function holistically.He wishes he wasnt my friend! We start out thinking that this will not harm or do damage and for years the activity goes un-noticed and unseen, but slowly growth is taking place. Some of those roots were a good 6 inches thick.

Why do we know these truths with our heads but ignore the reality and go ahead anyway!



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