His tory My story

It is of great comfort to know that God is in control of “History”. The word history was brought to us around 1350-1400, meaning to see or to know. We will only understand current events as we place them into the bigger picture of what God is doing in “His-Story”. God is  all knowing and all seeing. He sees past, present and future. His desire is that restoration of relationship with mankind that He intended when He created man and woman. God wants relationship not seperation. His Story is about that journey. Why oh why do we want to go alone and have nothing to do with God? Why for so many of us is it about “Mystory”. Within a couple of generations, we will be forgotten.

God has so much for us in this life as well as the time when we leave this envoiroment and He wants you and I to be a part of His epic Story, its a love story! (yuk I hear some of you say! but actually you and I were designed to be in relationship)


One Response to His tory My story

  1. Edil says:

    Yes, is a spiritual reality. That selfish, egocentric focus is what has made mankind fall from the beginning (Adam & Eve). Thank God for his mercy and his provisions in Christ to forgive us and to capable us with his Spirit to join His purposes in History. Thanks for sharing it!

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