Old but still current principle

May 27, 2013

The easy bit with the chain saw

For some reason, a potentially large tree was planted in a very small place in the front garden. It must be 50-60 years old and was right next to the main drain out of the property. I am sure it was a great idea at the time and looked nice. It provided plenty of privacy for us from passing public whether on foot or in the car.

What a job getting out the tree stump and if it hadn’t been my mate Phil coming and helping I would still be out there.

“Its the roots that are the problem”. We were discussing the incredible damage the unseen and hidden activities in our life can be and the damage they do to “systems” we need to function holistically.He wishes he wasnt my friend! We start out thinking that this will not harm or do damage and for years the activity goes un-noticed and unseen, but slowly growth is taking place. Some of those roots were a good 6 inches thick.

Why do we know these truths with our heads but ignore the reality and go ahead anyway!



May 24, 2013

We make a choice….and…”therefore”….consequences. It has been articulated “we are the sum total of the choices we make”….therefore.

In reality we often do not think of the “therefore”. If I took the time to extrapolate a decision that lead to behaviour that subsequence results, would I be happy or sad with the consequences of that decision?

In many ways its a term a child understands the reality of more acutely than adults. You hear the mum or dad say “you did so and so, therefore….” which is often a denying of some reward.

I wonder what is the “therefore” in our lives today?

How will you be burried?

May 17, 2013

There are many topics we either avoid in conversation or don’t really want to think about, burial I suggest is one of them. In Isaiah 14 v 19 it talks about a King who had the humiliation of an improper burial “like a trampled corpse”. I pondered over the dilemma of the Boston Bomber who died and it appeared neither the family or friends wanted to claim his body. When it came to burying, the public demonstrated outside the funeral home. The public message that was coming through was that he should be denied an honoring burial. In the movie “Gladiator”, the last scene shows Maximus Decimus Meridius being honoured and carried out of the stadium ready for a very public burial to celebrate a great life. Comodus’s body, the emperor was left  in the stadium. We recently had a Royal Burial for Margaret  Thatcher, with government, world leaders and the public all coming out to pay their respects as her coffin was paraded through the streets of London.

As ego-centric humans we place value on numeracy. “2000 people packed the cathedral”, I recently heard relating to someones funeral. You may wonder “how many will be at my funeral? Who will come?” Well I suppose that depends on how we live, the lives we impact and inspire, the opportunities we are given or create and the public platform they offer us.

Does it really doesn’t matter how many people come? Your dead, you don’t know! What is important to me and was clearly demonstrated in Mike’s death and burial was the love shown to us as a family. Mike was only 18 when he died. He did not know that many people, but he had both impacted and inspired  a group of young people with his short life. Mike had a great “send-off” and via the web and physically present people came to show their respect, love and affirmation by joining the family. I can understand the public view of demonstrating against an honoring burial for the Boston Bomber but I find it painful to know that his own family refused to collect his body and bury him. What a terrible indictment of his life. The truth is not everyone is sad when someone dies, in fact some are happy.

So what’s my point; nothing profound! how we live effects how others live when we die in relation to their attitude towards us in our death.

Honoring Mike

Honoring Mike

Snap shot & film

May 15, 2013

Snap shot – film, Short term focus – long term focus.

We live with the tension that as humans we operate or desire to operate in the short term, we look at the snap shot, we respond to the current emotion, we accept instant gratification. “A little bit often” is said to many who aspire to be fit and change their body shape.

As Christians we are told to “persevere”, that sounds to me like it has a long-term focus. In work I use several standard models for helping to break down problems or issues and moving forward. Where are we, where do we want to be and how are we going to get there. Strategic and tactical. How do I want the film to play out? What long-term targets do I want to hit? Am I ready to say no to “good” for “better”?

I like the word “focus”, there are several definitions but I like “close or narrow attention”. There appears to be a correlation between long-term narrow focus and short-term wide focus. It could well be argued that there is short-term focus and long-term wide focus but I wonder whether I would achieve my goals with the latter?

If I look at the snap shot today, I can draw a set of conclusions. Would they be right? Someone else may look at another snap shot next week and draw different conclusions. We need to see the film to understand all the snap shots joined together.

Whats my point! I believe more than ever that God has a long-term purpose and with that focus. I will only understand the short-term snap shot as I place it into the longer term perspective. “We only understand life as we look back but to live life we must move forward (and I want to add to the quote, with a long-term focus but enjoying today”

His tory My story

May 14, 2013

It is of great comfort to know that God is in control of “History”. The word history was brought to us around 1350-1400, meaning to see or to know. We will only understand current events as we place them into the bigger picture of what God is doing in “His-Story”. God is  all knowing and all seeing. He sees past, present and future. His desire is that restoration of relationship with mankind that He intended when He created man and woman. God wants relationship not seperation. His Story is about that journey. Why oh why do we want to go alone and have nothing to do with God? Why for so many of us is it about “Mystory”. Within a couple of generations, we will be forgotten.

God has so much for us in this life as well as the time when we leave this envoiroment and He wants you and I to be a part of His epic Story, its a love story! (yuk I hear some of you say! but actually you and I were designed to be in relationship)

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