The Gravel in our lives

My friend Nick has a trust called “The Gravel Road”. Nick’s journey has taken him through 10 years of pain as he and his first wife Lynn crawled through the path of breast cancer. As I think of other friends of mine who are battling with the realities of un-wanted, un-welcomed and un-known paths of pain in their lives, I think of gravel.

Gravel is that little unwanted foreign object in the oyster that is an irritant. It could be the equivalent of  a “splinter for the oyster”. When Paul talks about the “thorn in the flesh” was he talking about an unwanted foreign object? Does God allow these gravel pieces in our lives to help form a beautiful pearl?

Its like most things in my life, I want the results but I dont want the pain of getting there. Process sucks! My constant battle is throwing in the towel in areas of my life where gravel is at work….its just darn hard work to stay in the the process, fire, potters hands, tread mill…….but then Paul wrote in 2 Cor 9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

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