Am I alive or dead!

We have heard the phrase “walking dead”, people who are physically alive but emotionally or relationship or spiritually dead. “Life” is an all encompassing word. Even though something may exist, it may be dead. Kathy brought a small tree a couple of years ago. It came in a large wooden pot. Some how it gradually died from the day we brought it home. I wondered whether I could revive it and planted it in the garden, where today it still stands. It exists amongst all the other trees, bushes and plants and whilst they are vibrant in colour this chap just stands there, dead!

Our words, actions and attitudes lead to life or death. Its so sad to see or read of death in what ever format. These days we seem to bear all on social media, in Harry’s case literally! I read of the physical death of my friend Marc in Haiti who was murdered a few weeks back for cash, I read of death of relationship of friends and family going through separation from the person they married. I also read of Job’s wife who cursed God and spiritually died when she was so angry at God for letting her children die. I see neighbours who have differences over territorial issues and who now dont talk to each other. “Walking dead” are all around me.

When Jesus said in John 10:10  “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of,” He was not just talking about Spiritual life. God can breathe life into relationships, God can restore what is dead. You may ask why did I plant a dead tree. Well I did it because my mum wants my brother to cut down the “”dead” tree that 50 years ago my dad planted. His father gave him a tree that looked dead. For years it sat there in our garden “dead”, and then from nowhere it came to life and started growing and has been growing ever since. So I live in hope for my “dead” tree! I understand our humanity and are bias to blow it with God and man. I also live in the knowledge that what I cause to die, God in His mercy, grace and love can if I humble myself breathe life back into something that was dead. At the same time, I also live with the reality that somethings never come back to life!

Dead 25 foot tree!


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