Dolly Parton and Mysterious? together!

Well we have “The Ladyboys of Bangkok”, “Calender Girls” & “Dolly Parton” performing around the same time as Mysterious? so we were not surprised to see our event advertised at the venue with one of them!

Mysterious? and Dolly Parton together!

As Kathy and I were praying for the event I was reminding myself that God is omnipresent. There is no place where God is not, so when we pray for His presence to be with us what do we actually mean? God’s presence will be there at the “Lady Boys of Bangkok”! He will not be at some events and not at others. What we do see and experience is “the revelation of His presence”. And thats what we all need, whether in Church, in Mike’s room in the chair, or at Mysterious?. We pray for the revelation of His presence at Mysterious? We need the “Light of Christ” to illuminate and reveal to us, we need the “Love of Christ” to forgive and accept and we need the “Life of Christ” to empower and help us live out the new life Jesus offers us. So it is with great pride that I look at the notice board Mike walked past every day to school and for 1 year to work and see an event that is linked to Mike.

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