It can all change in an instant

That Saturday morning, three years ago should have been an ordinary day, there was no indication it would be any other. Then like a wild animal pouncing on its unsuspecting prey, death was upon us.

Over the past three years I have contemplated a lot on the dynamic of “expect the unexpected”, so why was i shocked last tuesday at going from 38 mile early morning bike ride to A&E after lunch with stomach pain and by early evening into the operating theatre? Was I really shocked?

I find myself yet again in the position of physically not able to function as I would like. I don’t think I could even get on my bike right now, never mind ride. These last weeks before 8th September and Mysterious? Should be the final “sprint”. I have so much to do on the marketing side, but I cannot walk very far, I cannot drive for 1-2 weeks and I am signed off from work for 3-6 weeks. (that’s all the official side, but I can not sit still, watch this space!)

“and then God spoke”….. So what did He say? I read how David refused to use Saul’s armour to fight Goliath, how Gideon let many soldiers go until he only had 300, how a little boy offered his lunch box to feed 5000……..”it’s not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says the LORD”.

So was I really shocked, well in reality of course I am. All of us jump when something unexpected surprises us, but after that initial shock, you just smile at the position you find yourself. I am at that place of total dependency on God, family and friends……it’s a good place to be. I also know that the spirit of God is awesome. God’s spirit is a little unconventional for me but what incredible results. So the marketing I wanted to do I cannot do in the same way, the weight I wanted to lose to achieve the goals my friends are sponsoring me for to help pay for Mysterious? I will not achieve. I have waxed eloquently on this blog the last 3 years about God, can I trust the God I write about to help achieve the vision for Mysterious?

And so this morning I’m in the chair, listening to the song that says ” my life is in you LORD, my strength is in you LORD, my hope is in you LORD” and….. yet again i say to God “I surrender”


2 Responses to It can all change in an instant

  1. Cam Willett says:

    Hey Mark, tracking with you here and your comments, praying for your recovery. Try and enjoy the perhaps ‘enforced’ rest. Injury and illness have been something the Lord has ‘allowed’ to come my way over the years to get me to slow down and reflect. Not sure of the theology of this but still learning the lesson! Cameron

    • Mark Knight says:

      Hi Cam, just so you know I do read the comments but dont always answer! During ILM I was thoughtful over Charles comment “Pain may be a gift of God, it can be a part of your ministry, it could be the key to ministry”. I dont know the why or where of suffering, what I do know is the God can use anything that happens to us when we come to the foot of the cross. I have so many questions and so few answers! What I do know is Our Father has not wasted eternal opportunities to build His Kingdom through Mike’s death and the stories continue to come in. I just heard at ILM that OM Norway have developed a School of Evangelism as a result of the evangelistic weekend we had in September here in Carlisle centred around Mike’s unexplained death, Mysterious?
      Press on mate and be found in the “secret place”.

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