God is everywhere and in everything

I wake this morning with the man lying next to me in hospital spewing out profanities. In fact I have to listen to him all day. But I lie there full of gratefulness to God. Yet again, God has shown me his miracle mercy, his awesome grace, his lavish love and his glorious face. I could of been traveling in foreign parts or worse on a plane, but I was in my own kitchen and went from agony to the operating theater within 5 hours. Im not sure how to share the peace and joy with this fellow, who seems to have a tough life but its made him bitter and cynical.

As Christians we are in a warfare, we are also living in the world and there is simply life. I had only one hour before been talking to Todd who reminded me that Satan likes to attack and as the count down to Mysterious?, “One Wish” and the Skateboard Outreach gets closer, to be aware. And then this hits. But all along we as a family know that God lead us to be a catalysts for this weekend. He is in control and to be honest, I just smile. I dont try to analise whether its warfare, life or just being obese for too long! I simply say thank-you and rejoice at living in Carlisle with this NHS hospital.

I did search the internet during the early hours of the morning and saw that bike riding is excellent exercise for recovery……c2c here we come again….OK in a few weeks!

One Response to God is everywhere and in everything

  1. irissatterly says:

    Thanks Mark for sharing life on the level you do.

    It is inspiring!

    Hope you get better soon – what exactly did you suffer from?

    Love Iris

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