God is sewing on what is missing!

Mike wrote “God brought me here to sew on what is missing”. Mike was on Logos II, a ship serving the nations, as a young deck hand. We were wondering how he was getting on being a rather shy boy and not one that talked much.  At that time there were around 100+ on the ship. I so liked Mike’s perspective and phrase. Mike was aware of his personality but more, the way we high-lighted his quiet nature hurt him. He wanted to be a more communicative person and for him, he knew God was working in his life.

“We as humans don’t have the power to change one another, only God has that power. No matter what comes out of our mouths it will not help.” Mike Wrote. We can influence another but can we change someone. Mike felt not and our comments even though they were because we loved him and had a concern, did not help him.

Mike had heard me say to Kath over the years the words of Clint Eastwood from a movie with Sondra Locke “nag, nag, nag” and he used that phrase! Whilst we feel the urge to make comment and have the best intentions we don’t always realize the hurt we can inflict. He later wrote “you know I didn’t realise until now that a quiet person can bring so much joy to someone, knowing that there is someone that Love’s me because of the person I am is like the rain clouds moving out of the way of the Sun and once again the sun shines on me, I just wish that everyone Loved me as a blessing from God”

Ruth Graham knew exactly what she wanted on her grave stone. She was aware that in this life her personality was under construction.

Construction Completed!

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