He still speaks even though he is dead!

I don’t realize either the pain I still carry or the need for soothing my soul, but as I sat and read an email this morning I felt so comforted. The Michael Knight Trust helped financially a young girl in India to attend a 1 month crash  course at a music academy. Her parents wrote a few words of thanks and amongst the comments were “As we think of your son Michael Knight we are reminded of the word from Heb. 11: 4 – “And by faith he (Abel) still speaks, even though he is dead.” Through your help we believe Michael continues to speak even though he is absent from the body and present with the Lord. . . . . . “

As I read these words I felt so much comfort and healing. Abel was the first person after the fall to worship God in a way that was acceptable. I smiled as Mike so enjoyed worship and I believe Father God always enjoyed Mike’s offer of worship. But more than that, the fact that Mike is still speaking through his life and death. What’s so bizarre is that Mike said so few words whilst on earth! Our lifestyle is a message. Love you buddy.

Mike in Brisbane

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