She jumps to her death.

The paper this morning covered the following article ” Angie Dowds, a health guru on hit ITV weightloss show The Biggest Loser (pictured), threw herself off a clifftop at the East Sussex beauty spot Beachy Head. The 42-year-old had texted her ex-girlfriend Edwina Benson moments before, threatening to kill herself. In one text, she said her ‘heart was broken’ and her ‘spirit was broken’. Another read: ‘On your head be it.’

As I sit here at home, looking through my photo’s to see if I took one of Mike on his last day of school, as it is Laura’s today, I am so sad that Angie did not know Hope. As the sad times invade my mind and I stand at the path to darkness, I pause and look up and around to Hope. Hope is a person, Jesus. Angie had so much to live for, others would look at her beauty, her success and from an outward perspective say she had it all. But those dark voices are familiar to me, not that I have had suicidal thoughts. Jesus is Light and when we come to Him, when we spend time reading what He says, not what we say in our mind, gradually or instantly in some cases, not mine, the darkness dissipates.

Please don’t hold back on pointing people to Jesus, however awkward we feel about that. Tell your story and how Jesus has impacted your journey. There are too many Angie types out there. If we life Jesus up, He will draw people to himself.

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