What a great thought……

I’m not sure who is the originator of the phrase  “You impress people from afar, but you impact them up close”, but it’s conviting. I want to spend time thinking through what does that mean for me and how do I express that in my behaviour.  What I do know there is a cost and if I am honest, I am not always willing to pay that.

One Response to What a great thought……

  1. mikestachura says:

    Powerful and poignant, Mark! We live in a culture that stresses our ‘stage appeal’ but does little to strengthen/deepen our relationships and impact on each other’s lives in an ‘up close and personal’ manner. Our greetings (e.g.,” Howrya?”) are not meant to really find out HOW someone is doing, but to keep them at harm’s distance (correct: not ‘arm’s distance’) away—if we got too close, the contact may harm my personal space, my calendar, my own sense of privatization of all affairs personal. Up close and personal IS messy, because we all live messy lives. That’s why we need
    grace, both from the Lord and from each other. Glad you are an extender of both, my friend!

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