“I can go to him but he cannot return to me”

I was struck this morning by the words of King David when his servants asked him why he fasted when his son was sick but ate when he was dead. David said, “I can go to him but he cannot return to me”.

Life is about relationship. Last night I enjoyed a meal with Akila and Laura at a posh restaurant here in Carlisle which is very trendy with the young people. The girls are with me here in Carlisle, in a few months Laura is heading to South Africa for 6 months. Whilst they are not only alive but also in my neighbourhood, I want to keep creating great memories with them. Yes I can go and visit Mike at the grave side but he cannot return to me. I dont want dead relationships but I have to be proactive to keep them alive, even when the person is alive. But two people being alive is not sufficient for a great

Tottergill Sun Set

relationship, its what you do together, how much effort you put in that takes a relationship to another level.

Kathy and I are looking after a friends farm that has 9 holiday cottages, hence Kathy not with us last night. The farm is up on the Peninnes overlooking the whole of the Solway, and we watch every evening the sun going down and bringing Kath a G&T!. We also enjoy the spectacular vistas in the morning. My regular activity is to make an awesome breakfast so we can sit and enjoy the moment together.

So whats my point! I want to enjoy the moment whilst “He can return to me and I can go to him”

Breakfast at Tottergill


One Response to “I can go to him but he cannot return to me”

  1. Rosemary says:

    great digest this week – glad you are enjoying the farm and the views, and all the rest that goes with it – the GT etc.,

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