Watch and Listen

I listened to a wise African man, Phineas Dube some years ago tell how these days he likes to sit in his native Zimbabwe and watch the animals. Phineas is a man with Phd’s, worked for the BBC in the UK and in human terms been very successful in life. I never forget how he said “He has never seen a Lion and an Elephant wanting to have sex together, so why do two men want to have sex!”, or “How come a dog and bitch can lie together in the sun without having to have sex all the time, but young people today cannot seem to keep their hands off each other”!

We live in a very fast pace life that really does not take the time to watch and listen. Its not just seeing, but observing. The process of analysing or contemplating on what I am seeing. As a Jesus follower I like to look and see what God is doing. We are moving forward with “The Event” on September 8th where we want to tell Mike’s story, others stories and His Story. As we as a family discuss this amongst ourselves and with others, there seems to be some key elements coming together. Its as I step back and watch as well as listen that I start to see what I believe God is doing. My Bible tells me I only see in part so that’s a little frustrating!


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