“He is not there, He is risen”

As tradition, we rose early for a Sunday sunrise service at the cemetery. We like to go and visit the place where we buried Mike, which is only 50 yards from where Christians gather for this service. I find less and less comfort in visiting Mike. As the emotion lessens and logic replaces, like the ladies went to visit Jesus at the tomb and found the angel that said, “He is not here, He is risen”. We don’t need to visit the place where we buried Mike, we carry him in our hearts and memories. We think and talk about him often and all the good times we had. I started to ponder on whether I think of all the good times and memories I have had with God! Our friends Todd, Karen and Austin have been around for the past week and we have created some awesome memories visiting places of beauty, castles and pubs in the south-west of Scotland. Jesus is not dead, He is alive, He is present, I experience a vibrant and  real relationship with Him. The dynamic of living in the present can be a tension of not looking back. It’s very important for me to look back and remember all the good times I have had with God, those awesome spiritual memories. Do I put as much effort into creating those I do with friends in the Sth of Scotland!


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