MKT Event

We as a family have felt for a while that we would like to have a significant event here in Carlisle where we can “tell the story”. God has given us a beautiful story of a boy who in reality was unknown but on the other hand was known, he was insignificant but in fact he was very significant. That is true for all of us and we want to share that story to reveal His Story. We want young people of Mike’s age to discover they are significant, they are known and there is a loving God who is longing to reveal Himself to them.

So we have booked the largest venue here in Carlisle that seats 1200 and is where concerts, shows etc take place. The Michael Knight Trust (MKT) event will take place on Saturday September 8th. We as a family are playing with ideas for a title and any suggestions would be welcome. So far we have, Illuminate, Illumi-knight and some variations around that theme.

The evening will have local musicians, a rap group from London, a Gospel group from London, International Entertainers from the USA, multi media  and we are still working on an actor whose brother is very well-known.

Who would have thought that an unknown boy in Carlisle who did not wake up in bed one Saturday morning, would be the impetus for a large evangelistic event! “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains a single seed, but if it does die it bears much fruit”! You are bearing much fruit Mike!



One Response to MKT Event

  1. Juliette Ratcliff says:

    What a wonderful idea Mark, this is going to be such a powerful and beautiful evening and I believe young people will truly feel God’s love and purpose for their lives in such a deep way. Bless you, Kathy and the girls as you prepare and we can’t wait to here all the testimonies.

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