Why did Mike Die?

Its coming close to 3 years since Mike died and I am now asking to God, “Why did Mike die?”. I have changed my view recently that it is ok to ask God “why”. Until now I have felt asking God why was futile, but rather “What are you doing LORD?”. I felt God is sovereign and I cannot question his motives or actions. My “why?” is not a “why did this happen to us?”  but rather a “why did you take Mike?” “what is your purpose?”

Romans 8 v 28: we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. I have felt “why” is the wrong question. Did I subtly believe “why” was being un-spiritual or a lack of faith?

Jesus himself asked a why question on the Cross, “My God My God , why have you forsaken me”. If I can understand purpose then I can pursue and embrace that. In the greek, the “why” of Jesus on the cross is “ti”, which can mean “what, who, why”. So are “why?” and “what?” two different questions or the same? Well one I believe its to understand the motive or reasoning, a high level question and the other is to understand activity.

God is complex and I suspect the “why” purpose is multiple. It will most likely include a purpose for Mike, a purpose for Kathy, a purpose for Akila, a purpose for Laura, a purpose for me, a purpose for many other individuals. Yes I know we can put it under the big title “God’s Kingdom” but that does not satisfy me to discovering His specific purpose.

I continue to be on a journey and I find that my thoughts and perspective are moving; my faith is anchored!



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