You need to loose weight!

I,ve been travelling for almost 4 weeks, Germany, Thailand and Philippines. During my trip a friend came up to me and said “you need to lose weight, I will give you £25 for every pound you lose for The Michael Knight Memorial Fund!”, Thinking that this was too generous and I have myself to blame at my lack of discipline, I replied “I cannot do that” and without missing a beat he said “£30”. What an amazing offer and then to encourage me even more, another friend on hearing the story has offered $15 per pound!.

So I sat on the plane working out how much I could lose, how long and how much I could raise funds for Mike’s Trust. So the challenge is on, I aim to lose 70 pounds by the end of September, that’s 7 months. I lost 7.2 pounds in 7 days so far, I’m hungry most of the day but at £40 per pound, it’s too good a challenge!

Does this have Carbs too!


2 Responses to You need to loose weight!


    Way to go, Mark. Great challenge.
    Your money-making drive + contributing to Mike’s foundation = unstoppable motivation!!! Go for it!

  2. Herbert says:

    If you gain a pound, then loose it again.. would that count? 😉
    Go Mark! You can!

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