Mark the Date – Happy 21st Mike – Would you consider giving him a small present in 30 days time?

Mark the date, 19th January 2012 put this in your diary, phone or Outlook! This would have been Mike’s 21st birthday. We are so pleased as a family that part of Mike’s legacy is The Michael Knight Trust – supporting young people who want to study worship. So far we have it has been our great pleasure assisting financially Hannah studying music in Brighton; Iain a local Carlisle lad with worship studies in Canada; and Sammy a special needs boy in India,(check him out).  When Logos Hope was in London in 2009, we had the amazing privilege of meeting Pastor Peter (ARC church Forest Gate), and through him the Rap Artists Tunday, Leke and team from WrightWay Music. The MK Trust was able to help fund Tunday & Leke at TeenStreet German (check them out)

On the 19th of January 2012 we want to ask you all to consider giving a small gift, $10, €10, £10 etc for Mike’s Trust in honor of Mike. We want to celebrate Mike’s 21st in a special way. Donations can be made at  or click the donate PayPal button on this page.

In the Father's presence.

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