Laura and the Olympic Tourch

Laura’s head master entered her for the chance to carry the olympic torch for a section here in Carlisle. We were waiting on tender hooks to find out whether she had been selected. An automated email came through earlier in the week to inform her that she had not been chosen. What a shame. BUT on the same day, she was asked to speak tomorrow to the whole school assembly and is allowed to read from the Bible, say what she likes and just be Laura! We smile again as we recognise as people who live by The Book, we live on two planes, the physical and the spiritual. Kathy has been asking for much prayer for Laura and the torch. I believe prayers have been answered, but yet again not in the way we thought! She has been working so hard on her talk and has it down to 4 and 1/2 minutes. Its awesome! She has a Point, Picture and Punch. The ending is so powerful and personal as she talks about her brother and his death and the tragic death  of a 20  year old local girl in a horrific crash here in Carlisle today where two were killed and several more seriously injured, but the hope that Jesus brings to us.

So Laura is carrying the torch tomorrow, not the olympic one, but one that is much bigger and brighter. Please pray for eternal fruit in the lives of 1800  (oops, I now understand its 300, just 6th) form students Laura will speak to tomorrow.

Laura with a man who has carried "The Torch" for many years, George Verwer.

One Response to Laura and the Olympic Tourch

  1. Carol Adams says:

    Mark & Kathy
    Your girls are AWESOME. Well done with them both.
    Merry Christmas – Trev & Carol

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