Lord, let me see people as you see them.

This morning as I wake, the windows are being pounded by strong wind and hail stones. Its that time of year. I like to sit on the chair in the middle of Carlisle on a Thursday and chat to people about The Father’s Love, but that is really only possible when the weather is nice. In the summer as I walk into town and arrive at the centre which is closed off to traffic, I have to smile at the way I look at all the beautiful women, who by their dress leave little to the imagination. I laugh with the Lord and say “Lord here I am trying to chat with people about you and here I am ooggling all these lovely ladies with their modesty gone!” “Please Lord let me see past that and see people as you see them”.

Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision had a prayer “Let my heart be broken by the things that break your heart”. We “see” on the physical dimension and respond to that. What I want as a Christian is to see on the spiritual dimension and respond to what God is saying to me about that.

So why do I blog about that today? Well I just smiled and thought how dressed up all those ladies would be today with scarfs, hats, gloves and my empty chair. No one wanting to sit and chat. So what is the moral? Less clothes are aright ladies, it means I can chat to you on the chair!!!!!!  Not sure my Vicar would agree!!!!

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