So many rules

Have you ever read the book of Leviticus? Be honest, do you read word for word or skip some of it like me! The rules for living seem to go on and on and many times, the writer repeats himself.  Even the last few chapters of Exodus have this emphasis and style.

Laura came home the other evening all bubbly from her girlie Bible study and said something to the effect that “God sets us free but sin entangles us”.  Well if you read these passages and did not know the whole story you would not be odd to think that God puts us in a straight jacket. As I sit here in Mike’s room, mulling over why is all this information in the Bible, what is its relevance to me today, do all these rules for living, for eating, for sickness, for sin atonement apply to me today. I come to a partial conclusion that before sin there was only one rule for man,  Gen 3:3 ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.'”   Boy did we mess up and add complexity due to our sin. It’s the same today. I look at situations where an individual goes down a path that is against God’s commands and the results are so often that there is less freedom than before. There are unwanted results that also accompany sin, we don’t want those, we want just the fruit! I mean look at chapter 14 of Leviticus, there are even rules for mildew. I am so grateful for the house hold chemicals we have today!  I am even more grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. That once for all for all time. I am convinced I would not of lasted a week with my personality if I had to adhere to the way of living as set out in Leviticus. It seems I am not alone! I think Laura is right, sin does entangle and Christ sets us free……

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