He introduced the Spice Girls to their music Publisher, He introduces The Michael Knight Trust

December 26, 2011

Nick Battle introduced the Spice Girls to their music publisher, is friends with Simon Cowell (X-Factor), and friend of The Michael Knight Trust. Check out Nick at www.nickbattle.net Nick has a great story, is a wonderful soft hearted humble man with a sensitivity for Jesus.

Nick Battle - Please support Mike's Trust

Nick said this in relation to The Michael Knight Trust

“Michael Knight was a gifted musician whose life was tragically cut short. His dream was to create and honour God through his music.  

Please support the Michael Knight Trust as they seek to honour his memory but more importantly his heart and passion for worship.  

Help them to help others by equipping, resourcing and restoring hope for those who for whatever reason may have lost it.   

Make a difference. Give what you can to enable the next generation of musicians to be all God wants them to be.

 It’s all about the heart of worship.”

Please visit either Mike’s site or this blog on January 19th to make a small donation to The Michael Knight Trust on his 21st Birthday.

Mark the Date – Happy 21st Mike – Would you consider giving him a small present in 30 days time?

December 19, 2011

Mark the date, 19th January 2012 put this in your diary, phone or Outlook! This would have been Mike’s 21st birthday. We are so pleased as a family that part of Mike’s legacy is The Michael Knight Trust – supporting young people who want to study worship. So far we have it has been our great pleasure assisting financially Hannah studying music in Brighton; Iain a local Carlisle lad with worship studies in Canada; and Sammy a special needs boy in India,(check him out).  When Logos Hope was in London in 2009, we had the amazing privilege of meeting Pastor Peter (ARC church Forest Gate), and through him the Rap Artists Tunday, Leke and team from WrightWay Music. The MK Trust was able to help fund Tunday & Leke at TeenStreet German (check them out)

On the 19th of January 2012 we want to ask you all to consider giving a small gift, $10, €10, £10 etc for Mike’s Trust in honor of Mike. We want to celebrate Mike’s 21st in a special way. Donations can be made at http://michaelknighttrust.wordpress.com/can-we-support-you/  or click the donate PayPal button on this page.

In the Father's presence.

My Daily Confession

December 18, 2011

Yesterday I came out of the supermarket and  just sat in the car. I felt a cloud of depression over me and realized it has been there for  some days. Whether its the time of year, with the cold and dark nights, missing Mike more than I understand or whatever,  I do not know. The zeal and passion for life is not there. My heart and mind are void.

Early this year I met an Englishman in India who had struggled for many years with depression. Today he is functioning well and able to venture out, but very aware that he continues to struggle with this illness. To help him, he produced a little card with the following on it:

My Daily Confession

My cup of life overflows and because of your great Love for me I am blessed in the morning. I am blessed in the evening and I am blessed at night. Lord you have plans for me until I walk through the final valley you will keep me able to serve, counsel me, guide my steps and make my way flourish like a well watered tree. You will daily feed me on good things from your Word and make provisions for my needs.

I will be a witness to the goodness of the Lord and I will tell others of my salvation by faith in Christ alone not having my own righteousness. Out of this relationship He creates a life of good works of Grace to be done through me. I am Father God’s child, born anew of the Holy Spirit and part of the Kingdom of Christ; thought I may fall I will not be cast down. His refreshing tender mercies are renewed to me every morning.

My new creation life that comes from above will bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit and I will do well in my anointed and appointed gifting. With my old life hidden in Christ I have strength and peace. This makes me more than a conqueror over Satan, sin, self and death and because I walk in the light, love and life of Christ nothing touches me that has not passed through Father God’s hands.

I keep this card in my wallet and so sat in the car and read it. There are realities greater than my feelings and I speak those truths into my life. Its not a magic mantra that I end up happy at the end of reading out loud, but it does focus my emotion and help me recognise what God has done for me, who I am in Christ and what I am so greatful for. It helps to keep me going until I need to read it again!


Laura and the Olympic Tourch

December 15, 2011

Laura’s head master entered her for the chance to carry the olympic torch for a section here in Carlisle. We were waiting on tender hooks to find out whether she had been selected. An automated email came through earlier in the week to inform her that she had not been chosen. What a shame. BUT on the same day, she was asked to speak tomorrow to the whole school assembly and is allowed to read from the Bible, say what she likes and just be Laura! We smile again as we recognise as people who live by The Book, we live on two planes, the physical and the spiritual. Kathy has been asking for much prayer for Laura and the torch. I believe prayers have been answered, but yet again not in the way we thought! She has been working so hard on her talk and has it down to 4 and 1/2 minutes. Its awesome! She has a Point, Picture and Punch. The ending is so powerful and personal as she talks about her brother and his death and the tragic death  of a 20  year old local girl in a horrific crash here in Carlisle today where two were killed and several more seriously injured, but the hope that Jesus brings to us.

So Laura is carrying the torch tomorrow, not the olympic one, but one that is much bigger and brighter. Please pray for eternal fruit in the lives of 1800  (oops, I now understand its 300, just 6th) form students Laura will speak to tomorrow.

Laura with a man who has carried "The Torch" for many years, George Verwer.

Lord, let me see people as you see them.

December 13, 2011

This morning as I wake, the windows are being pounded by strong wind and hail stones. Its that time of year. I like to sit on the chair in the middle of Carlisle on a Thursday and chat to people about The Father’s Love, but that is really only possible when the weather is nice. In the summer as I walk into town and arrive at the centre which is closed off to traffic, I have to smile at the way I look at all the beautiful women, who by their dress leave little to the imagination. I laugh with the Lord and say “Lord here I am trying to chat with people about you and here I am ooggling all these lovely ladies with their modesty gone!” “Please Lord let me see past that and see people as you see them”.

Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision had a prayer “Let my heart be broken by the things that break your heart”. We “see” on the physical dimension and respond to that. What I want as a Christian is to see on the spiritual dimension and respond to what God is saying to me about that.

So why do I blog about that today? Well I just smiled and thought how dressed up all those ladies would be today with scarfs, hats, gloves and my empty chair. No one wanting to sit and chat. So what is the moral? Less clothes are aright ladies, it means I can chat to you on the chair!!!!!!  Not sure my Vicar would agree!!!!

So many rules

December 8, 2011

Have you ever read the book of Leviticus? Be honest, do you read word for word or skip some of it like me! The rules for living seem to go on and on and many times, the writer repeats himself.  Even the last few chapters of Exodus have this emphasis and style.

Laura came home the other evening all bubbly from her girlie Bible study and said something to the effect that “God sets us free but sin entangles us”.  Well if you read these passages and did not know the whole story you would not be odd to think that God puts us in a straight jacket. As I sit here in Mike’s room, mulling over why is all this information in the Bible, what is its relevance to me today, do all these rules for living, for eating, for sickness, for sin atonement apply to me today. I come to a partial conclusion that before sin there was only one rule for man,  Gen 3:3 ‘You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.'”   Boy did we mess up and add complexity due to our sin. It’s the same today. I look at situations where an individual goes down a path that is against God’s commands and the results are so often that there is less freedom than before. There are unwanted results that also accompany sin, we don’t want those, we want just the fruit! I mean look at chapter 14 of Leviticus, there are even rules for mildew. I am so grateful for the house hold chemicals we have today!  I am even more grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. That once for all for all time. I am convinced I would not of lasted a week with my personality if I had to adhere to the way of living as set out in Leviticus. It seems I am not alone! I think Laura is right, sin does entangle and Christ sets us free……

Quiet Enthusiasm

December 5, 2011

When I think of the word enthusiasm and what behaviour is manifested by an enthusiastic person, I would note chatting, action, face bright and a “let’s go” attitude, all rather extrovert.

I had promised Kathy that on Saturday I would get down the Christmas items from the loft. It’s normally a bit of a chore and so two people make the task a lot easier. But she had to go to the shops and so I did the job by myself. It would have been a job I would do with Mike. In the process I saw a number of Christmas decorations Mike had brought as presents for Kathy. The joy of having her birthday in December! As my mind started to reflect on the 23 years of Christmas with the kids, I started to smile at Mike’s quiet enthusiasm. Mike was such a quiet boy and unlike his sisters, his enthusiasm was hidden by his quiet nature. Mike so enjoyed Christmas and would be the first to have a tree set up in his room and decorated.

I think at how often I miss read a person. They too can be quietly enthusiastic, even though they may not say a word. They may be simply enjoying the moment and watching others, savouring their thoughts. I told Mike on occasion that its good to communicate with your voice your appreciation, others are not mind readers! We are complex individuals! 

I haven’t cried over Mike for a while but by the end of the evening I had a jolly good cry as I so miss my boy. Life goes on and new norms have developed, grieving and loss have been processed in many ways, but occasionally it just hits. Love you buddy.

Mike & Laura, Christmas 2008

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