Sayings that we grow up with but go unchallenged

A friend and I were talking the other day about work and he said “lets not reinvent the wheel”. In other words we are not the first to to this work, lets not start from scratch but use what others have already done and learnt. Well that make’s sense doesnt it? I am so grateful for the person who did reinvent the wheel or else my butt would be very sore still riding around on a Penny Farthing! If we are to keep moving forward, we must challenge and not be satisfied with where we are today. Its also ok to be satisfied and  stay where we are at. My uncle lived without electricity

My Magnet Board came out this weekend after 20 years for a mens BBQ!

until the 90’s. He was very happy with one gas light in the house and went to bed with candles.

Another saying that I wonder about and how I have not thought about until now is ; “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. In other words be happy with what I have not what I could have. Well I don’t know about that. Do I set my eyes on what I have been promised or what I have in my possession? We live in a horrible fallen world. Sin is every where I look, in my own heart as I look in and in others as I look out. Am I satisfied with where I am today or keep on keeping on for the promise of what God has given to me/us? I will keep hoping for what I am promised, not be content to possess something less!


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