Cost of the Coffin……..bargin!

The death of Mike is always there. I can be watching a movie, walking along the street, reading a book and something I see or hear brings up the topic. I was reading in Genesis that Abraham was sad and cried when his wife Sarah died. He wanted the best burial he could have for her and he brought a great field with ta view, trees and a cave.

Sam, the undertaker had to show us all the options for a coffin and how much they cost. Sam is a delightful chap and I did not have a problem at all with him, I just sat there getting so angry when he had to mention the price of this and that type of coffin. I said to him “Sam I dont want to know the price, we will pay whatever we have to”. When your son has just died, to bring the value of the box he is going to be in into the discussion was for me horrible. I know money is an issue and there are realities, but its not the time you want to “get a bargin”. This just adds to the pain. I know we have to be environmentally aware but when he showed me the cardboard option, I nearly lost it. No way was I bury my buddy in a cardboard box. I can totally relate to Abraham seeking out a great spot with a magnificent view and paying whatever the price had to be.

My Buddys Box


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