The Dream of Mike

When do we dream? What causes us to dream? Can we create the conditions for us to dream about a certain person, place or event? For two years I have wondered about dreams. Before Mike died, I never gave it a second thought. People try to contact the dead, have I subconsciously been trying to do that with the hope of a dream?

I have not dreamed of Mike once in these past two years, until last night. That has surprised me, seeing he is in my thoughts daily. The dream I had of him was a mixture of a valid memory and a creation of an event that never happened. He was 3-4 years old, wearing a red paint apron and merely painting away on paper. But he was doing it on the landing at our current house, with paint all over the carpet and the paper pinned to the wall. When I said to him, Mike don’t paint the carpet he said “I not”. That was a typical two syllable response we would get all his life!

Its a beautiful dream and wakes me early. I thank God for the wonderful childhood Mike had. Kathy was excellent with the kids and had them painting, doing crafts, playing games, creating dens, making easter egg nests and so on. I was always proud of Mike and loved the stocky little  boy.

My Buddy


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