Mike’s body is in the ground, his soul with God.

Do you have the moments where you go “drrrr”! For non English people thats a sound we make when the obvious is finally understood. I just had a “drrr” moment! Mike’s body is in the ground and his soul is with God. I know that, but why is his body in the ground and his soul with God. I believe the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, are truth. In Genesis it says God took dust from the ground and formed man. At the funeral we hear “dust to dust, ashes to ashes”. Our body came from the dust of the ground, we return it to the dust of the ground. So God made man from the dust. There was Adam formed and lying there, then God breathed into man. God gave Adam breath and he came to life. He gave him his soul. The soul is not from the earth but from God. So when Mike died, his soul returned to its origin, just like his body! Whether we acknowledge God or not and the saving grace of Jesus is immaterial as to what happens to our soul, we will all return to God. What happens to our soul on Judgment day is another matter, eternity with God in His presence or eternity separated from Him, dependig whether we responded to the Father’s love, Jesus or not.

Mike is alive and well. Mike is dead and buried!

Born in Australia, returning to Australia!


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