Sayings that we grow up with but go unchallenged

September 26, 2011

A friend and I were talking the other day about work and he said “lets not reinvent the wheel”. In other words we are not the first to to this work, lets not start from scratch but use what others have already done and learnt. Well that make’s sense doesnt it? I am so grateful for the person who did reinvent the wheel or else my butt would be very sore still riding around on a Penny Farthing! If we are to keep moving forward, we must challenge and not be satisfied with where we are today. Its also ok to be satisfied and  stay where we are at. My uncle lived without electricity

My Magnet Board came out this weekend after 20 years for a mens BBQ!

until the 90’s. He was very happy with one gas light in the house and went to bed with candles.

Another saying that I wonder about and how I have not thought about until now is ; “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. In other words be happy with what I have not what I could have. Well I don’t know about that. Do I set my eyes on what I have been promised or what I have in my possession? We live in a horrible fallen world. Sin is every where I look, in my own heart as I look in and in others as I look out. Am I satisfied with where I am today or keep on keeping on for the promise of what God has given to me/us? I will keep hoping for what I am promised, not be content to possess something less!

Cost of the Coffin……..bargin!

September 16, 2011

The death of Mike is always there. I can be watching a movie, walking along the street, reading a book and something I see or hear brings up the topic. I was reading in Genesis that Abraham was sad and cried when his wife Sarah died. He wanted the best burial he could have for her and he brought a great field with ta view, trees and a cave.

Sam, the undertaker had to show us all the options for a coffin and how much they cost. Sam is a delightful chap and I did not have a problem at all with him, I just sat there getting so angry when he had to mention the price of this and that type of coffin. I said to him “Sam I dont want to know the price, we will pay whatever we have to”. When your son has just died, to bring the value of the box he is going to be in into the discussion was for me horrible. I know money is an issue and there are realities, but its not the time you want to “get a bargin”. This just adds to the pain. I know we have to be environmentally aware but when he showed me the cardboard option, I nearly lost it. No way was I bury my buddy in a cardboard box. I can totally relate to Abraham seeking out a great spot with a magnificent view and paying whatever the price had to be.

My Buddys Box

The Dream of Mike

September 13, 2011

When do we dream? What causes us to dream? Can we create the conditions for us to dream about a certain person, place or event? For two years I have wondered about dreams. Before Mike died, I never gave it a second thought. People try to contact the dead, have I subconsciously been trying to do that with the hope of a dream?

I have not dreamed of Mike once in these past two years, until last night. That has surprised me, seeing he is in my thoughts daily. The dream I had of him was a mixture of a valid memory and a creation of an event that never happened. He was 3-4 years old, wearing a red paint apron and merely painting away on paper. But he was doing it on the landing at our current house, with paint all over the carpet and the paper pinned to the wall. When I said to him, Mike don’t paint the carpet he said “I not”. That was a typical two syllable response we would get all his life!

Its a beautiful dream and wakes me early. I thank God for the wonderful childhood Mike had. Kathy was excellent with the kids and had them painting, doing crafts, playing games, creating dens, making easter egg nests and so on. I was always proud of Mike and loved the stocky little  boy.

My Buddy

Mike’s body is in the ground, his soul with God.

September 9, 2011

Do you have the moments where you go “drrrr”! For non English people thats a sound we make when the obvious is finally understood. I just had a “drrr” moment! Mike’s body is in the ground and his soul is with God. I know that, but why is his body in the ground and his soul with God. I believe the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, are truth. In Genesis it says God took dust from the ground and formed man. At the funeral we hear “dust to dust, ashes to ashes”. Our body came from the dust of the ground, we return it to the dust of the ground. So God made man from the dust. There was Adam formed and lying there, then God breathed into man. God gave Adam breath and he came to life. He gave him his soul. The soul is not from the earth but from God. So when Mike died, his soul returned to its origin, just like his body! Whether we acknowledge God or not and the saving grace of Jesus is immaterial as to what happens to our soul, we will all return to God. What happens to our soul on Judgment day is another matter, eternity with God in His presence or eternity separated from Him, dependig whether we responded to the Father’s love, Jesus or not.

Mike is alive and well. Mike is dead and buried!

Born in Australia, returning to Australia!

Laying foundations

September 8, 2011

“If I want my kids to spend time with me when I am older, then I have to spend time with them when they are younger”, is a phrase I said to myself and to Kathy over the past 20 years. Foundations are hidden but are crucial to what can be built. Once the foundation is built, you never need to return to it, if it was built well. One of the dangers in life in general is that we ignore the planning and hard work to lay those foundations. We want to jump straight to building what can be seen! As I reflect  I see there are “foundation principles”. These are different for various topics but are crucial for solid outcomes. As I read over some of the stories I have written about Mike, as I look at the depth of relationship I have with Akila and my relationship with Laura, I can see the fruit of laying foundations in those relationships. Two of several principles are time and making memories.

A comment Kathy and I have heard several times over the past two years is “I admire you, I dont know how I would cope”, or a similar type of comment. As I have pondered over this, I realise again “foundation principles”. If we had not laid a solid spiritual foundation, then when the storm hit, the house would have been destroyed. To be honest, I cannot remember saying to myself, “I’m going to build a solid spiritual foundation”! Number 1, I am far to carnal for that and secondly its not the way I think. There are again several spiritual “foundation principles” and we have practiced those, some times not very well. My friend Mike Hey says, “Sometimes I’m on the surf board on the wave and other times I’m tumbling in the wave, but either way I am moving forward”! Thats been my spiritual story. Some refer to these principles as “pillars”, or “legs” on which we stand or sit.

So whats my point! As I look at the difference between something that is solid and has remained for years and something that has been destroyed, I wonder how much time was invested in the foundations. Were the “pillars” identified before building and then once identified built? When I look and see something that is functioning but not thriving, I wonder how deep are the foundations.

I am grateful for the relationship foundations I have with Akila, Laura and Kathy. I still need to do maintenance on those.  I am grateful for the people who mentored me and taught me the pillars of spiritual foundation. Without these foundations there is no support for other areas I want to build.


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