Everything in life is there for a meaning……. we were meant to meet!

Some one said to me the other day, “I believe everything in life is meant to happen to us, we were meant to meet this person”. Well that totally depends on where your belief, philosophy or understanding comes from. I have to say over the years I have struggled with well-meaning people who have rather quickly in my opinion quoted a verse of scripture when something bad has happened. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life…..” Whilst a verse may be in the Bible, our interpretation may be thwarted. We see dimly now, we understand in part. Jesus is truth, He is the only one who knows without error. Now you may say, well that’s because you believe the Bible, but I believe the Koran, or Buddha. And that’s where we part company!

Was I supposed to meet you! God is the Alpha and the Omega, He knows the beginning and the end. Whilst He knows all things, He does not manipulate all things. Does He know I will meet you? Yes. Did He arrange for me to meet you, may be and may be not! If I am walking daily in submission to Him and asking Him to guide me and living by His teachings, then I believe He can and does bring people and circumstances into my life. If on the other hand, I am living in disobedience to Him, living my own life, then I believe I am responsible for the people I meet and the events that happen to me. God doesn’t force, He allows.

The danger in all honesty is that we use this line of thought to justify a behaviour, bring meaning to something we dont understand and in a deep way, play God. Can we except what another friend wrote” it is what it is”?

Did God want me to go through the pain of loosing Mike? Did he want that event in my life? Those questions start out from my position. Lets now look at Mike’s position, Did God love Mike so much He wanted him in His company? Was God taking Mike to reward him and remove him from the pain of this world? Is everything in life about me and my interpretation of how it affects me?!

Now I can understand why you should meet me!!!!!

One Response to Everything in life is there for a meaning……. we were meant to meet!

  1. Herbert says:

    Mark, I am happy that we did get to meet in person!

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