Tell your story

Tell your story

As I sat on a bench in town yesterday talking to Bryce, an Australian who has recently moved to Carlisle  from Australia with his South African wife after working many years in Japan, I encouraged him to tell his story to others.

What is our story? What are the chapters, the events, the drama’s, the scenes etc? I have begun to realise that our story can help others on their journey as they too walk and experience similar hardships. It’s good to know we are not alone. I want to encourage us all to tell the story.  As a person who tries to follow Jesus teaching and even obey it (better some days than others!) it’s very reassuring to know that Jesus said in Jn 14:6 “I am the Way”.  My story is a sub-plot in His-Story, I cannot tell you my story without telling you His Story and its such a cool one.

As I sit on the bench and talk to people, old, young, male , female, I hear similar themes, a life than has not worked out as planned, seeking something better or greater, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of relationships…….in fact it’s very depressing! BUT then I tell my story, which reflects Him and He gives hope, love, grace, mercy.

I grew up and worked near London. To this day, Hyde Park Corner is known for the freedom people have to go and speak about any topic. One day there was a crowd listening to a man promoting the benefits of socialism and as he was speaking he looked out and saw a tramp, a man in very ragged clothes and looking like he had not cut his hair for a long time. He said “Socialism can put new clothes on that man”. In the crowd was a small Welshman who had experienced the love, grace and mercy of God many years before in his life and had walked with Him ever since. He could not miss the opportunity, he jumped up on the small podium and said “Its true, Socialism can put new clothes on that man, but Jesus can put a new man in those same clothes”! The man continued to tell his story of how God had radically revealed Himself to the man and subsequently brought about great positive changes in his life.

Tell the story…..


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