Gathered – dispersed, together apart, brought in – sent out. On Feb 22 nd of this year I blogged about the incredible time Akila, Laura and friends spoilt Kathy and I by taking over a Scottish Castle, Fenton Tower, for a long weekend. It was a surprise 25th wedding anniversary. At that time I pondered over the attributes and reason for building a castle. I remembered thinking how Kathy, Akila, Laura and I had gathered together in the ‘safety of our castle’, our home, and healed up afer Mike’s death. I had a sense that weekend that it was time to start to disperse again, that to remain in the castle was not in line with any of our life goals.

This past weekend has been another incredible memory making one, with our friends coming together for a “sending out” party for Akila, a time of celebration, of coming together and then dispersing. She leaves on Sunday for Australia, the country where she was born, where her mum is from and where God is leading her for the next chapter in her life.

We had gathered together to heal, to process, to make sense of it all and to understand the new DNA of our little family unit. During this time we have identified our core values, enjoyed each other, processed as best we could who Mike was, become purposeful in friendships and life………

So today, on my 51st birthday, I sit here with a heart full of contentment that I can “send out” Akila with my blessing, knowing that she will take with her the “Knight Banner”, Eat, drink and be merry with friends because tomorrow you live and along the way, tell everyone you meet about The Father’s love!

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