Interruption in my life!

“It’s rude to interrupt”, is what I heard parents say as I grew up. Interruption = “a breach or break, caused by the abrupt intervention of something foreign; intervention; interposition”. As I sat in Mike’s room yesterday at 08:10, the moment I found him dead two years ago and pondered over that day the life subsequent to that awful morning, what struck me was that my life had been interrupted. Often when someone interrupts, it’s during a conversation and we simply pick up again from where we paused.

When life is interrupted, whether it be the day we find out we have a serious life threatening illness, the sudden death of a loved one, sudden unemployment, the shock of being told your spouse no longer loves you, these type of interruptions are so abrupt that they also can bring shock to accompany the interruption. As I reflect, I realise that Mike’s death was not a simple interruption in my life that you pause what you were doing, deal with the person or event of the interruption and then continue with life.

And so I sit and  ponder on “the interruptions of our lives”. As a Christian I believe in submitting my life to the Lordship of Christ. One of our modern songs has the line “I surrender all”. I want to be a disciple of Christ, to follow and obey Him. BUT have I given Him the right to interrupt my life! He screwed up my plans! Kathy keeps referring to August 1st as “a thief in the night”. The thief does not announce his arrival, its sudden and unexpected. So was the interruption, the break, the intrusion, the intervention into my life with my plans.

I have blogged previously about the “grief wheel”. It shows life as a path, then the wheel of grief and then the coming out of the wheel and carrying on with life. A simple one-dimensional illustration which is very helpful but incredibly simplistic to the complexity of life and humanity. Whilst I can say “nothing but good has come out of Mike’s death”, I don’t like my life being interrupted, I’m not sure I gave permission for it and I may have to forgive God for being rude!

Some interruptions in life are welcome!


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