“This must be a tough weekend”

Someone said to me today, “this must be a tough weekend”. Two years ago I wanted to blog the journey as I did not want to stand up one day and it all sound so wonderful, so holy, so God this and God that. I committed to honesty along the way and I have tried to be faithful to that.

This is not a tough weekend for me. Mike is up there doing stuff with God, what I havent a clue but he got to experience it all before me! I wish I had the words to explain why it is not tough. We remember, we mark the occasion, we went to the cemetery, I watched Mr Bean, I rode his bike on the fells, I watched Johnny English and laugh, I totally enjoyed just time with Kathy. There isnt a day that I dont think of Mike in one way or another. Every day, tears are just bellow the surface, tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears at others pain, tears of gratefulness.

I am so grateful for Kathy, the girls, wonderful friends, a happy heart and experiencing God daily, its true! I received a phone call today from a man who I sent my little story about “The Fathers Love”, he cried on the end of the phone how his older children run their lives, void of God. For me, I would rather Mike be with God and away from me than with me and away from God. For Christian parents, they would understand that comment.

A proud and grateful mum and dad.

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