I could do it better!

There are some of us that have a tendency to think or desire for others to get out the way so we can get on and do a better job. The king of Israel answered, “Tell him: ‘One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'” 

My  father was in retail management all his life. He grew up in the age where customer service in the form of a person was paramount and computers where tools for stock taking. I remember many a time a customer would come into the London store, want several rolls of expensive material and knowing he did not have them all in stock, offer the person a coffee in the store restaurant, jump in a taxi to the warehouse, throw in the rolls and get back.

New senior management in the store wanted younger people in leadership, those who had MBA’s and understood todays commerce. Eventually they bullied him out although he made sure they paid him handsomely for going! Within a couple of years, the senior management of the company, not the store, wanted to know why the historic sales growth year on year was in decline. They then had to put in 2 or 3 more managers to manage what my dad had done. In fact he was even asked to come back!

We may be gifted in an area, have a passion and skill sets and even have God’s anointing on us, but we lack experience.  The King of Israel had obviously lived life a little and saw youthful passion or arrogant pride. I don’t think society today knows how to honour “seasoned soldiers” and recognise that “we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us”. What a shame there are so few “apprenticeships” today. Yes there is much “knowledge”, but wisdom is something many younger ones lack. Lets esteem those who are “taking off their armour” and not be too proud to ask them for help.

One Response to I could do it better!

  1. Herbert says:

    Those days are coming again though, I hope :). As you know the IT industry hasn’t been around very long, and is only now getting past its infancy: the time where only young people knew the answer (= skill-based only) has passed by (finally I hope).
    We’re now getting to a place where people are retiring after a whole lifetime in IT. Hurrah for experience :).

    In a way that has meant for me that the climb down my ivory tower took a while. A profession where *I* was the expert did influence other areas as well. It is at times still difficult to be wrong, for example.

    Good we live a little so I can do this over time. Reading blog entries of certain people does help too 🙂

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