How big is your cup?

The Bible teaches about rewards and punishments in the after-life based on what we “sowed and reaped” in this life. God has revealed himself through nature and His word. We will be held responsible for the knowledge we had and what we did with that knowledge. It is clear that all who are practicing followers of Jesus will get rewards, but there is sufficient teaching that some will be rewarded more than others. All of our cups will be full, the question is “how big is your cup”? Is that related to our “earthly service”.  The mystery of the Christian life is that the gospel is absolutely free in the finish work of Christ, but as we must respond to God’s offer in Christ, we must also respond to God’s empowerment for Christian living. The Christian life is as supernatural as is salvation, yet we must receive and hold on to it. The free but cost everything paradox  is the mystery of rewards and sowing and reaping. We are not saved by good works but for good works. Good works are the evidence that we  have met Him.

I think about these things as Mike had only a few years of “good works”, so does that mean his cup is smaller than someone that has been a practicing Christian for 50 years? Personally, I dont think so. The question is whether Mike was faithful to the revelation he had, not how much revelation he had. If he was 100% faithful to what he knew, then I suspect he will have the largest cup that’s available, the same as the person of 50 years faithful service.

By the way, what is the most important part of a cup……….the empty space inside!

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