The Purpose Driven Life

Any book or teaching that presents 7 steps, 3 ways etc I seem to give a wide berth. Whilst I was big into personal mission statements, I am less clear about them now.

I spent yesterday repairing a broken window and replacing rotten wood around the window. Jobs that need to be done to keep the house “up to standard”. Important isn’t it? Kathy’s world changed when Mike died and now she says “be ready for the unexpected, tomorrow”. Look at Japan, Libya etc. One minute you are sitting in your house, the next not only a tsunami but where your house was located is now contaminated by nuclear fallout. So what was the point of repairing that window!

As I come out of the tunnel of Mike’s death, a word that has become so important to me is “purposeful”. I want to be purposeful in my relationships, my time and money. Whilst it is important to fix the window, I want to every day be purposeful. That does not have to be a “big headline”. A little chat, some encouraging words, a game with the family, connecting with friends, praying for people. Rather than a formulated “7 steps”, I think it’s about an approach to life, an attitude.

So I ask myself what is my core purpose? Well that is so simple because I have such a strong conviction and passion. I want to encourage relationship with Father God. Knowing God daily in our lives is so mind-blowing. It certainly does not mean for one minute freedom from pain or suffering or we will receive great material blessings. To be at peace in the inner soul when circumstances, scenarios etc around give reason for anxiety and fear, is what God offers. To be unconditionally loved in spite of our own failings. To sit in the quiet and listen to a great hymn or modern worship song that leads me to thank God for all He has done for me. To understand what happened between Father God and man when Jesus died on the cross.

And so I want to have a “purpose driven life”, to write an exciting narrative and to encourage others to “walk with God”. Lets not watch life pass us by. Lets make it happen, lets not read the story, lets write the story. Just because my story is not given space on the bookshelf does not mean it isnt an epic!

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