The first fire for the season

My friend Todd said this week, “Mark you are not blogging much these days”. I remember a year ago when I was interviewed about Mike’s death I was asked  what would I say to someone going through a similar experience? I pondered for 2 secs and said “I would not say anything, I would just put my arm around them and cry with them”. Blogging doesnt alow me to put my arm around, there are no words these days, just emotion. My friend Frank died of a brain tumor leaving a lovely wife and two young girls, another friend watches his 17 month old son cry in pain as cancer has decimated his body and at the same time his wife gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. I watch another couple get their hopes up at the promise of a large injection of cash into their struggling business only to find out the offer was full of hot air and fraud and so they go back to the daily uncertainties.

We have had unusually warm weather with wonderful blue sky’s in the day or star filled vistas at night. I wanted to have my first fire of the year out around my fire pit, but knew it would make me sad.

Mike, Akila and Laura's friends around the Fire Pit.

Its strange how “our fires” became a key ingredient into the “Knight Culture” and Mike was such an integral part of those. Im pleased I went ahead as Kath and I sat there looking at an amazing display of stars, following a satellite cross the sky and phone Todd to celebrate the first fire of the season. As I have written before, Mike and I would often sit by the fire and there would be no need for words, we let the fire speak.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc are amazing social networking tools, I hope we can learn to shut them off and sit and think and not always have to be talking……….all output with out input becomes empty!

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